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  "Ultimate Living Decor"

Why A PurpleReef?

  •  Awesome Colors Instantly
  •  Hitchiker/Parasite Free
  •  Ultra Clean - No "Curing"
  •  Bioactive- Real Living Rock
  •  100% Natural Ingredients 
  •  Easy cycle- No die off 
  •  Helps maintain proper PH
  •  Improves Coral Health
  •  Phosphate & Siicate Free
  •  Zero Environmental Impact
  •  Made and Farmed in the USA

ApurpleReef is the ultimate living foundation for your prized coral reef tank, or fish only system. High surface area with low density results a lighter more porous rock than our competitors. Our Live Rock has the most realistic colors and textures available.  Giving your tank that aged purple coralline reef look Instantly.  Multiple Shades and layers of purples and pinks replicate the look, feel, and performance of coralline encrusted coral reef. Variety of rock sizes, shapes, and colors are available


ApurpleReef Live rock is made of the same composition as wild reefs.  Natural calcium carbonates are binded together during our labor intensive manufacturing process.  Highly skilled artisans form each rock by hand into the most realistic  3-dimensional shapes available.   Following an extensive freshwater curing  phase the rock is biologically aged at our professional saltwater aquaculture facility for 12+ weeks before it is sold as a finished Bio-active Live Rock Product.

As our hobby progresses new technologies and strategies give today’s aquarist far more control with better success rates.  We call ApurpleReef a modern-eco friendly product because it gives you the ease of mind knowing you are adding a clean, consistent, and successful aquacultured product to your aquarium every time .   Since our rock ages in a controlled system it will not introduce plague hitchhikers or undesirable algaes.   Our product saves you time and money letting  you enjoy the more pleasant aspects of your aquarium. Keep it clean and make it simple.  Give yourself full confidence and control over what you’re putting in your aquarium and support APURPLEREEF.

Along with are standard rocks we have other sizes and shapes available upon request.  Show, shelf, and nano sizes are available for no extra charge.  Place Your Order Now !!!!