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20 LBS - Orchid Coast - Live Sand


Orchid Coast Live Sand

100% Natural Ocean Virgin Oolitic Aragonite Sand

Currently Available in 20 & 40 Lbs

Large Quantities Available! Please email us for a Quote/Invoice

Premium Live Sand Substrate for your Aquarium

ApurpleReef Is Proud to offer “Orchid Coast” the most comprehensive balanced blend of natural calcium based substrates available in the industry. This special proprietary mixture of the finest ocean based calcium carbonates including - Oolitic Aragonites, Calcite and Colorful Shells- is the ultimate substrate for the Modern Marine Aquarium.

Orchid Coast is a custom crafted designer Live Sand product that’s perfectly blended for higher flow applications. Now is your chance to take the guess work out of what type of substrate to use and try our perfect combination. It offers the complete selection of trace elements and bio availability of multiple high purity Calcium Carbonate Aragonites.

This ideal balance of Calcite and Oolitic Aragonites offer the highest available Calcium Carbonate levels available for your Corals, Invertebrates and Aquarium. ApurpleReef “ Orchid Coast” is a great choice for those who want a coarse more decorative natural substrate better suited for higher flow applications.

Currently being stored in our professional aquaculture facility, keeping the sand in perfect Bio-active condition untill it reaches your tank. We have thousands of pounds available!

Performs Great in Many Applications

 - Reef - Fish Only - Brackish

 - Cichlids - Ponds - Reptiles

 - Sandboxes -Arts& Crafts - Manufacturing

Note: Although the sand is ultra clean, depending on how you add the sand to your aquarium will determine how long it takes the water to clear. Usually within 24-48 hrs, The cloudiness is harmless and has no negative effects on the life in your system.

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