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20 LBS - Oolite Lagoon - Live Sand


Oolite Lagoon Live Sand

100% Natural Ocean Virgin Oolitic Aragonite Sand

Currently Available in 20 & 40 Lbs

Large Quantities Available! Please email us for a Quote/Invoice

Premium Live Sand Substrate for your Aquarium

Our rare supply of super fine WHITE sand (0.25-1.8mm grain size) is the softest sand available in the industry. Excellent performance for shallow or deep sand beds! Beautiful white sugar sized sand with perfectly smooth rounded uniform shapes "oolitic" . Making it the best sand available for saltwater aquariums. Very popular with the sensitive bottom dwellers such as gobies, sting rays, or soft bellied sharks. It's high surface area makes it a great nitrate reducer, and the ability to increase carbonate hardness results in optimal coral Heath.

Perfect Alkalinity PH buffering and bio- filtering capabilities. Forget about dosing PH Buffers! You wont need any when you add this sand to your tank. This sand can be added to a new or established aquarium. We add a small amount of this sand to our coral system after every water change for a natural buffer and are corals love it.

 "Oolite Lagoon is the purest calcium carbonate available in the industry, thus why its the main ingredient in all of our Products at ApurpleReef.com. It really is the big secret for all of our Sucess from its unparalleld performance! The best thing about this product is its a 100% natural renewable resource."

Currently being stored in our professional aquaculture facility, keeping the sand in perfect Bio-active condition untill it reaches your tank. We have thousands of pounds available.

Performs Great in Many Applications

 - Reef - Fish Only - Brackish

 - Cichlids - Ponds - Reptiles

 - Sandboxes -Arts& Crafts - Manufacturing

Note: Although the sand is ultra clean, depending on how you add the sand to your aquarium will determine how long it takes the water to clear. Usually within 24-48 hrs. The cloudiness is harmless natural buffer and has no negative effects on the life in your system.

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